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¡Hola! We are currently building the video lesson library. Thank you for your patience as we complete each week for you to enjoy.

Weekly Lessons Include Three Files: 

  • Lesson Video  
  • eBook: Notes w/Homework Packet Guide
  • Vocab Lab Video

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After purchase, the links and password arrive in your email for your Spanish Lesson Videos as well as the Spanish Homework Guides. You have a full month to access each link. Simply purchase the next lesson when your student is ready.

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Introduction: A free video! Meet Señora Gose, learn about your Materials, Set up, Expectations, and print the Introduction Page. This free download allows you to receive the free Video and PDF and be notified when new lessons become available. (Free)

Lesson 1:  Textbook Layout and Familiarity, Sounds of Spanish, Colors & Numbers, Definite and  Indefinite Articles. Vocabulary Theme: Manners, House, and School Words. Only $5.00

Lesson 2: Introduction to Verb Conjugation, Genders of Nouns Practice. Vocabulary: Basic Beginning Family and Home Nouns, Adjectives, Simple verbs, Unit 1 exercises from your Textbook, PLUS supplemental Spanish for Ministry Video Lesson. Vocabulary Theme: La televisión y la casa (TV and the House) Only $5.00

Lesson 3: Ser & Estar, More practice with present tense conjugation, master pronouns, Unit 2 Vocabulary and Story. Vocabulary Theme: La ciudad (the City) Only $5.00

Lesson 4: Forming and asking yes or no Spanish Questions, using and learning more -ar verbs. Vocabulary Theme: los cumpleaños y las preguntas (Birthdays and Question words) Only $5.00

Lesson 5: coming soon! (Sept 2017)

Lesson 6: coming soon! (Sept 2017)

The fine print: Each purchased video and lesson is “clickable” 3 times, and active for you for up to four weeks. After that time, your link will expire. Please do not copy, share, or send your  Spanish Geniuses videos or lesson guides outside of your immediate family.

Other questions? Check out the FAQ page.

Suggested Schedule: If you begin on Labor Day week, and do exactly one lesson per week, this is the calendar schedule for you:

~1st week of September - Begin

~After Lesson 10, Skip your lesson for Thanksgiving Week
*Take Fall Vocab Exam* between week 10 and 11.

~Finish the Semester with  Lesson 12. Take your midterm by Dec 20

~Begin Classes on Lesson 13 for the first week of January.

~Take a break over Spring Break after lesson 18 
*Take Spring Vocab Exam* between week 18 and 19

~Finish Lesson 24 by end of April

Take your Final Exam by May 15th.

Suggested Grading Rubric:

25% Participation - (Did the student repeat aloud? Does he/she take notes? Do you ask Señora Gose for help when needed?) 

25% Homework Completion - (Did you do 100% of your homework? Or more like 80%? Be able to show it.) 

25% Quizzes - Take the average of your quiz grades. You can throw out the lowest grade. You should have 5 per semester.

25% Exams - Take the average your exam grades. You should have 4. Two vocab exams, two major exams. These may not be “dropped” - However, if you need a “re-take” There will be a link to that for another $10. (Incentive to study hard the FIRST TIME!)

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