Homeschool High School Spanish

Each lesson has four facets:

1~ Lesson VIDEO

2~ Downloadable NOTES

3~ Textbook/ Audio Work

4~ Simple Vocabulary Practice

If you ever have questions, you can simply email Señora Gose, and she gets back to you within a day or so. Your question (especially for the Spring of 2017) will help build the FAQ page for other Spanish Geniuses.


The biggest question for most parents: COST

Just like Señora Gose’s local classes, there are just two costs:

Materials & Lessons


~1~ Textbook: The textbook, Spanish Now, 8th Edition, is typically less than $20 on You can purchase it now by clicking the cover below. 

~2~ Binder: Any 1” binder you have to store your printed downloadable notes that coincide with each lesson

~3~ Optional Supplements: Personal Learning Dictionary and Flip Flop Spanish Flashcards: Verde.

LESSONS: $10/lesson

Just like Señora Gose’s local classes in Central Texas, your classes are also just $10 per lesson. Also, just like the “real life” sessions, you can pay as you go. As I say to all my students, I’ll recommend that you try at least three weeks of videos to get a good feel of classes to get into the groove of learning Spanish.

***Here’s a secret. The video lessons right now (May 2017) are not all uploaded yet. Until they are, I need LOTS of feedback! You’re a guinea pig! So. You get half price. Only $5 until September, when we expect we’ll have them all done.  ANYONE can take advantage of this price until the curriculum is completely polished. For now, we just need some input. And don’t worry. It still totally counts as a full credit of High School Spanish.***

Get Started Now!

Now Head to the Video Page to get started on the first lesson, and order your textbook to have all your materials in hand.


Looking for a Pre-K, Elementary, or Junior High Program? 

Check out Flip Flop Spanish.

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